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1836 – Establishment of the Bersaglieri Corps (185 years ago): There is no military parade, in particular that of June 2, without the legendary fanfare of the Bersaglieri. This special body of the Italian army was born in Piedmont by the will of General Alessandro La Marmora, who wanted to equip the militia of the then Kingdom of Sardinia with a light infantry with exploratory tasks in enemy territory.

From the deed of incorporation it was envisaged that each battalion had 13 trumpets and a corporal trumpeter, that is the components of the famous Fanfare, which preceded every attack or parade. A sound that remained memorable in the capture of Rome (or Breccia di Porta Pia) on September 20, 1870, which allowed the annexation of the Capitoline city to united Italy.

Those who became part of the corps were trained in running and light artillery, useful for rapid movements and disturbing actions of the opponent. In the official uniform, in addition to the black hat, with a plume, a dark blue uniform was provided, today uniformed to the classic military green. (Source Almanacco)

But let’s also go to deepen in a fun way, but not too much, the various words and / or curiosities inherent to the entire body of the Bersaglieri!

What does fanfare mean?

fanfare sf [from fr. fanfare , onomatopoeic voice]. 1. Complex, not very numerous, of wind instruments (mostly from the family of trumpets) and percussion instruments (drums, etc.), which usually accompanies parades, military parades, official ceremonies: f . of the bersaglieri , of the carabinieri ; marching to the sound of the fanfare . 2. a. The music that is performed with this ensemble, generally made up of short phrases and refrains, of solemn and martial intonation, or simple and popular, and sonata on the occasion of processions, parades, marches. b.In hunting language, the horn blast which, variously modulated, accompanies particular moments of the hunt (for example, the flushing of the prey). c. In use fig., Letter., Declamation in a solemnly shrill tone, hyperbolically celebratory: a f . of sentences , of adjectives ; a speech that was a f . of flattering exaltations. (Source Treccani)

What are the tools of the gang?

The instruments of the band

  • wind instruments: woodwinds: clarinet, bassoon, transverse flute, oboe, piccolo, saxophone; brass: French horn, flugelhorn, trumpet, trombone;
  • percussion instruments : parade: glockenspiel, bass drum, cymbals, snare drum; concert: drums, keyboards, timpani, etc.

Who invented the fanfare?

In France the first citations of fanfare are due to the music theorist Marin Mersenne, who included them in Book V of his Universal Harmony (1636), but the first organic collection appeared in a manuscript of Philidor the Elder (1705).

How was the fanfare of the Bersaglieri born?

The meeting for the musical training of the trumpeters of the various companies gave rise to the battalion fanfare , which in a few years became an autonomous department, while the individual companies continued to have their own trumpeters. Over time, other techbigis wind instruments have been added to the trumpets .

What instruments do the Bersaglieri play?

The Fanfara is the characteristic musical ensemble of the Bersaglieri Corps , made up exclusively of brass players. To date it is the only musical group in the world to perform at a running pace.

Who are the Bersaglieri and what do they do?

Following the proposal of General Alessandro La Marmora, the Corps of Bersaglieri was established on 18 June 1836 with the task of carrying out exploration services and daring missions.

Why do the Bersaglieri wear black gloves?

Black gloves : They were adopted three years after the foundation of the body. La Marmora wanted them black because in the original blue color (similar to the uniform) with frequent washing they tended to fade.

Why does the Bersaglieri hat have feathers?

The feathers were adopted for a camouflage issue and have never been of capercaillie. Such a headdress today is used only in parades.

Why do the Bersaglieri run?

The extreme mobility and the rapid movement on foot (then by bicycle and now by motorized vehicles) were founding characteristics of the specialty since 1836. And we have all always seen this pace as a symbol of the courage, boldness and activism of the Bersaglieri .

How many fanfares are there from the Bersaglieri?

the fanfare is usually from the Brigade; however this “Great unit”, in its staff, can have one, two or even three Bersaglieri battalions .

What are the instruments of the rock band?

Often there are additional instruments , such as organ, synthesizer and sampler, or wind instruments such as sax and trumpet. In any case, bass and drums are essential in any type of group, because they constitute the rhythm section of the ensemble.

What is the characteristic of the Bersaglieri fanfare?

The Fanfare Bersaglieri di Biella was born in 1923 by Bersaglieri on leave and in arms. An exclusively male team that today has about 30 members who, as a sign of distinction, wear the «Vaira», the characteristic hat with the «feather» made up of capercaillie feathers.

How do you get into the Bersaglieri?

It is possible to enter the Bersaglieri by dressing different ranks and covering different roles. Going in ascending order in the hierarchical scale of the Italian Army: if a young man wants to become a professional soldier of the Bersaglieri di Truppa, he must participate in the Public Competition to become VFP1 Army.

What is the Bersaglieri motto?

1st Bersaglieri Regiment
Nickname “primo”
Motto Ictu impetuque primus (First in striking and assaulting )
Colors crimson
Marcia flick flock, running step

How do the Bersaglieri train?

The life of the Bersagliere is hard and tiring , you always go at a fast pace, often in a hurry, you travel great distances always with a packed backpack; you do gymnastics and every day the usual regular run of about an hour (56 minutes) at free pace.

Who established the Bersaglieri?

Equipped with a proverbial agility and physical prowess, their foundation dates back to 1836 in the then Kingdom of Sardinia governed by King Carlo Alberto. Their establishment is due to General Alessandro La Marmora, brother of Alfonso who will be several times president of the Council of the Kingdom of Italy.


Which instrument families are present in a Baroque orchestra?

String orchestra or baroque: 17th and 18th centuries
  • 2 flutes.
  • 2 oboi.
  • 2 love oboes.
  • 2 hunting oboes.
  • 2 trumpets.
  • 2 horns.
  • strings (violins I and II, viola)
  • basso continuo ( melodic instruments : bassoon, cello, double bass; harmonic instruments : lute, archlute, theorbo, harpsichord, organ)


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